Introduction to Ghostwriting (evergreen)

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Evergreen Intro to Ghostwriting

An asynchronous version of the Introduction to Ghostwriting class.

Start anytime and finish on your own schedule.

Freelancers: make more money in your independent career with insider secrets of the book industry.

Ghostwriter Certification Candidates: successfully complete this class and submit ALL assignments, including Action Steps, to apply for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

Includes Creative Analysis, the professional ghostwriter’s secret ace-in-the-hole.

Your gateway into the world of books.

Introduction to Ghostwriting is not just the prerequisite Unit 1 of the only comprehensive ghostwriter training program in existence

It’s also jam-packed with essential Theory, Mechanical Skills, Creative Skills, Book-Industry Principles, Business Skills, and Ghostwriting Psych insights that any

  • Aspiring author
  • Editor
  • Self-publisher
  • Traditionally published author

needs to put the power of knowledge behind their writing, their career, or their title.

Now is the time to try something new!






manuscript templates

What it takes to land high-end author clients

How to “see” what other writers & editors don’t

The difference between bestsellers & top-selling titles

Who does what over the course of a book’s life

Where you fit in the book-business landscape

…and a great deal more


Welcome to GPDP: Theory
The scope, instructors, and logistics of Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

The End: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The elements necessary to land high-end clients including how to establish and maintain authority and an introduction to the power of Ghostwriting Psych.

Editorial Accountability: Theory, Book-industry Principles
The parameters and importance of editorial accountability for authors, editors, publishers, and ghostwriters.

MS Word for Writers (PC and Mac): Mechanical Skill
How to manipulate Microsoft Word to decode, style, and format book-industry manuscripts and documents.

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS): Mechanical Skill
The book industry’s default style-guide’s standards and exceptions, and how ignoring them reduces a manuscript’s credibility in the marketplace.

Basic Writing Conventions: Mechanical Skill
Fundamental writing protocols for verb choice, conjunctions, paragraphing, person, tense, multi-word modifiers, and story vs. report.

Creative Analysis: Creative Skill, Ghostwriting Psych
The four phases of creative analysis as they apply to ghostwriting books, client relations, and project management.

Action Steps 1-6: Creative Skill, Ghostwriting Psych
Practical application exercises for applying Creative Analysis to uncomfortable and familiar nonfiction and fiction titles.

This Business of Books: Theory
A brief overview of the book industry including the editorial, publishing, and supply-chain players, the concept-to-sales sequence, the various publishing options, and the state of the business.

The History of Ghostwriting: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The theoretical progression from ancient scriptures to modern ghostwriting.

Introduction to Ghostwriting: Theory
The complexity, scope, challenges, limitations, and rules of professional ghostwriting.

Mindset Transitions: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The various mental, emotional, psychological, and active business adjustments for nudging your current perspective, self-regard, and attitudes toward being an elite, specialized expert and book-industry insider.

Interviewing: Professional Skill
The vital differences between journalist/freelance-writer closed-purpose and ghostwriter open-purpose interviewing.

Cost: $575

Class limit: 15 students/session

Next Start Date: Whenever you are ready

Cost: $575

This option can be started anytime and completed at your own pace