Claudia Suzanne
Claudia Suzanne – The Ghostwriting Expert

One of Southern California’s leading book-industry authorities, Claudia literally “wrote the book” on the skills, theory, and politics of professional ghostwriting, and created and teaches the career-launching Ghostwriter Certificate Program, now an academically recognized Professional Designation certificate at CSULB.

Sabriga Turgon – Teaching Assistant

Former Peace Corps volunteer (Ecuador), Sabriga Turgon adds a fresh perspective to our educational programs. Dedicated to women’s rights, alternative health, healing the environment, and social justice, Sabriga serves as a team leader, teaching assistant, and final-draft editor.

Eric “Kata” Schuyler – Teaching Assistant

Eric has a broad background that spans editorial services, tech support, personnel management, literature, sales, and customer service. A calm, patient presence, he is knowledgeable in publishing, and handles MS Word and other software concerns.

Liv Haugland – Teaching Assistant

Liv’s cross-cultural lifestyle endows the class with international flavor. A natural diplomat, teacher, world traveler, and our primary Team Leader, Liv troubleshoots Author/Certified Ghostwriter issues, interfaces with our international relationships, provides student support and classroom continuity, and oversees team members editorial output.