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You created the professional-ghostwriter me…. That course gave me confidence in my ability, gave me the industry knowledge I was lacking, and allowed me to up my game, for sure. Having the opportunity to do a real project with you further cemented it all.
Beth Brand, Certified Ghostwriter
I need to revise my gold assignment, but since we discussed the answers in class, I was wondering if I could redo the assignment using different excerpts.

Yesterday’s class was very insightful and I’d like to practice this some more.
Stephany Tan, GPDP student
Today I successfully pitched with an A&R ghostwriting a very powerful transformational memoir, with an author I really connect with. She has accepted my quote of $5K per month until completed, which I estimate at 6 to 8 months ($30-40,000)
Laurel Kashinn, Certified Ghostwriter
Nobody can do this class like you do! BEST.CLASS. EVER. The examples from your experiences make the concepts concrete.
Pam Sheppard, Certified Ghostwriter, T.A.
It is a comprehensive course and covers far more than any writing class I’ve ever taken.
JD Moore, GCT Graduate
You’re wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for preparing me to accept new opportunities and hone my writing skills.
Pat Rinker, GCT Graduate
Your book [Secrets of a Ghostwriter] will be the seminal text, the standard for all ghostwriters, established pros and neophytes. Your system is a gold mine.
Cora Foerstner, GCT Graduate
I LOVED this class and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much, Claudia.
Mary Barton, Ph.D., GCT Graduate
I truly have learned a lot from your Introduction. As you know, these teachings are absolutely crucial to someone involved in any aspect of book publishing. On a personal note, thank you for validating me as a human being every step of the way. Your demeanor, the sailor-esque portions of your vocabulary, and some of your stated opinions about life in general, are relatable and hilarious. Thank you for the opportunity to take your introductory class!
Bessie S.,

I am just about finished drafting a new memoir and, before the ghostwriting program began, I’d earmarked an editor who is a New York Times-bestselling author to do a developmental edit just to get her thoughts.

Now that we’re two months into the ghostwriting program, I’m having trouble envisioning anything anyone anywhere would do or say or recommend that would be more valuable than an A&R. When I spoke to Liv last week, she mentioned in passing that many actual authors (as opposed to non-writing authors who hire ghostwriters) like to get A&Rs to help them change and think through their manuscripts.

So I’m thinking I’d like to hire Wambtac to do an A&R on Missing Mae, my memoir.

And, by the way, I sat down to edit a single-spaced, seventy-six-page memoir manuscript the other day and figured, You know what? I’m gonna chart this baby. So I did — in eight pages — and there it all was: what has to go, what has to be reduced, what’s missing, where it temporarily bifurcated, lots of consciousness shifts on the part of the author, the climax, the resolve. The gold was literally glowing off the chart, it was so clear. When I spoke to the author and nailed the gold at the beginning of the conversation (without calling it such), she burst out bawling on the phone. “That’s been inside me twenty-three years and I wrote it and you got it. I’m going to reach people, I really am!”

Where has this chart been my whole life? This program rocks.
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
Claudia, You really launched me. Every one of your “Rules” has been absolutely essential. I finished that book on PTSD I wrote for the 94-year-old survivor of the Bataan Death March. Just hooked another client (97-years-old, and sharp as can be). He didn’t balk at the price, and I was sure to include the “death clause” in the contract!

God, this is so fun. What can I say? You are a genius.

I did my first professional A&R today for a writer in Fairbanks Ranch down in San Diego. What a delightful experience! Such a useful tool. I did it exactly as you taught us: find the gold, keep it short, use it as an outline, detail how the manuscript can be fixed. In addition, I recorded our one-hour conversation, and told her I’d send her a copy of our discussion on Dropbox. She was grateful not to have to take notes. We had a most productive meeting, and she left feeling like she got her money’s worth and was inspired to move forward with her project. She paid me immediately. (Rule #2)

I owe everything to you, girl. It’s your invention, and it works miracles.

Just wanted to let you know, and thank you again.
Jane Ploetz, Certified Ghostwriter
Claudia, I don’t know if I’ve thanked you enough for the value of your course. I’ve learned a lot and have a strong sense of confidence that I can now tackle projects I would have been afraid of doing before. You’ve opened up my eyes to a whole new world of opportunity and knowledge. There have been times when I felt like my head was going to explode with all the new knowledge you were exposing me to. I’ve gained enormous self-confidence after these fourteen weeks. As Michael Levin said, you are the ‘real thing.’ I believe that sincerely. You know your stuff and thank you for sharing some of it with me. Thank you very much!
Victory Crayne, GCT Graduate
The first class: FANTASTISSIMO!!!! Claudia, I am SO buzzed by the potential you’ve inspired me to feel and reach for. I am SO impressed by your breadth of knowledge. I am SO SO SO happy that part of your life journey is to share your expertise with others (and humorously, I might add). I am feeling so very good about my own alignment with the creative energies which drew us together in the first place. Hooray for alignment! Yay and yippee for always reaching for the better-feeling thought!
Karen Gordan, GCT Graduate
Thank you so very much for all your time, teaching, patience, and feedback on the ghostwriting course. It was both a relief and exhilarating to graduate this year!

I’m still working on my business and first “official” gig, but the course has been beneficial in my everyday work, too, especially when it comes to line editing! Many thanks
Mary Wyatt, Certified Ghostwriter
Just a word on the program so far: It is superb. The textbook is … perfect. The rollout of information is well choreographed and clear. The electronic interface is terrific. I can well imagine it being a master’s program. It feels like the master’s degree program in communications I did at Fordham. And I want to tell you what else I’m positively responding to: your emphasis on ethics. (And, no, I wouldn’t dream of charging to support and encourage somebody.)
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
Thank you for being so committed to my ghostwriting career. I’ve worked in publishing for ages, and I learn something each week in this course.

Your commitment comes through in every class. And through Kata, too. He is incredible.
Donna Moshera, GPDP student
There was a lot more homework than I expected—it was like being back in grad school…. In terms of content, it went above and beyond.

Thank you Claudia, Kata, and Liv for a fun, unique, challenging, and rewarding experience!
Brian Beglin, Certified Ghostwriter
This morning, in the city of Buenos Aires, water was pouring and lots of hail.

However, 120 journalists attended a free ghostwriting seminar at the University of Salvador.

All the attendees send you many affections and thanks for the wise advice you gave me. And that I transmitted them.

The appreciation is infinite. Again thank you very much.
Rodolfo Compte, Journalist/Ghostwriter
I can’t wait to dive into the line editing part and for everything that follows. I’m thrilled just to learn this system and apply it. It’s life changing. The deeper we go into the layers, I have to say, the more I marvel at the level of intelligence it took to create it!
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
I have never been so personally challenged than in this course. I have never asked myself to stretch SO MUCH… from creating a manuscript template to writing fiction. I have never asked myself to attempt something and dare to not do it perfectly. And as a result, I have NEVER learned so much in such a short time.

Thank you for … well, for everything
Donna Mosher, GPDP student
I am so HAPPY with everything I am learning in our course! I am USING IT!

I just received a request for editing, and I sent her my page rate fee schedule (which is higher than anyone else’s, I’m told, but pitifully small).

“NO,” she says. What she really wants is an A&R! Of course that’s not what she asked for because she doesn’t know that is what she wants. But because I’m in this course I could offer her one. And I’m offering her a chart so she can reorganize her manuscript before she sends it to me. AND I WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY (for me) FOR THIS! Someone is actually going to pay me to read a manuscript!

Donna Mosher, GPDP student
I know I said some version of this after taking your class, but I wanted to reach out once more and say thank you. Last month, I signed my first ghostwriting client—it’s a non-fiction book about information security. After a month of research, we’re starting interviews next week, and then writing through the winter and spring. The deal came together quickly, but at the same time, it feels like I’d been building to this for a while. We’re not far into the process, but I already feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do. Now, the prospect of having a long-term career in ghostwriting seems much more attainable. It’s not that I didn’t believe I could make it work before, but it definitely feels different to be working on a real book for a real client. Without your class, I don’t think this would be happening. And that’s what I wanted to thank you for one more time.
Brian Beglin, Certified Ghostwriter
Thank you, Claudia. I find the class delightful. I love love love learning about the biz. I thought I knew it. I did not!

OH THANK YOU! For the understanding and the support.

By the way, I’m reviewing the creative analysis material now. I am so PUMPED with all this! I never knew any of it!

Yesterday’s class was a trip for me. You are twisting my mind, and it is mixing up my emotions – in a great way. When the theory of finding the gold *dropped*, I was a little bit stunned. At first I beat up on myself for not getting it all on my own. Then I was excited, because I see the possibilities! It has been a long time since I have learned something truly, completely new and different.
Donna Mosher, GPDP student
It was above and beyond what I thought it would be. I'm very impressed and, I like to think, a little wiser about the business than two months ago.
Juli O.,
The most encouraging point was the revelation that Claudia’s profile of a successful Ghostwriter sounds a lot like me. Yay! Then, I also appreciated Kata’s session on MS Word’s template and styles. If I never do anything with ghostwriting, I will use my new knowledge of templates and styles to work more efficiently in my dissertation business.
Elizabeth B.,
I haven't done a professional designation programme before, but this was just amazing. it's so tailored to being a ghostwriter. It's almost too good to be true if I think about it.
Kuvasha N.,
I can’t say enough positive things about Claudia and her team: always there to help; such a wealth of information about the industry and ghostwriting methods. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to take this class.
Ilana Schwartz, Certified Ghostwriter
I really enjoyed the GPDP. I thought the information was terrific. At first I was skeptical about the format (synchronous/online). I’m used to online classes being go-at-your-own pace. But once I got into the classes, I saw how valuable it was to work together. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Tracy Hume, Professional Freelance Writer
My book project (the one that I wanted you to mentor me through) has been put on hold thanks to your wonderful contract. And I mean that with all sincerity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It brought the client to reality, which is something I have been trying to do for months.

Your contract and all the work you did with us on presentation in the last two weeks of class help me avoid my typical bad business situation—working for less than I’m worth and doing way more than I ever agreed to do. I stood calm and strong—she would have signed for $25,000 and my shopping the book for her. Then she offered to pay me $15,000 to write part of the book. I said NO (though I could really use the money). The conversation started off very emotional on her part. By the end, she was calm, thoughtful and thanking me.
Beth Brand, Certified Ghostwriter
Thanks so very much, Claudia, for an excellent class, your warmth and encouragement, your nice words below, and for jump starting my new career about which I’m very hopeful and excited. I’ll just echo you in saying, ‘It’s been a delight working with you.’ A grand stroke of luck, in my opinion…. I love your humor; think I laughed through 1/2 the class last night
Sabriga Turgon, Certified Ghostwriter
Thank you for your time today. It shows the tremendous gaps in my knowledge and that’s why I love this course: I’m learning something new all the time! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!

I found your attitude that all questions are worth asking was super helpful. Also your availability offline was fantastic!

[GCT] has been a great learning experience and has convinced me more than ever that my future lies in writing.
Daniele Castle, GCT Graduate
I would have been happy to do this class over a nine month period (and pay three to four times the current cost) and repeat all the formats like a trained ape.
Paul Bovino, Certified Ghostwriter
So, my friend, if I had not met you, I would not have even conceived that this would be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are so needed, wanted, and loved. (yeah, I remembered the serial commas!) It’s gonna be a fun ride and I’m thrilled we’re travelling on the same train!
Liv Haugland, Certified Ghostwriter
The range and depth of information satisfied my need for professional development and enrichment. I now have a much greater understanding of ghostwriting protocols and the ghostwriting business. Plus, the course has given me more confidence and clarity about how to pursue ghostwriting as a lucrative and viable career.
Karen Propp, GCT Graduate
Thank you for your insights, Claudia. I just posted on my Facebook wall yesterday: “I’ve found that ignorance is far more expensive than education. Far more.” Wish I would have known about GCT a year ago – I could have saved myself so much time and made so much more money. Live and learn…. I’m glad you’re enjoying my participation and that I don’t fall in the category of same old, same old. For my part, I’m grateful GCT is, so far, everything and more it was promised to be.
Derek Lewis, GCT Graduate
I felt that the heart and intent of the program was presented really well. It is evident that Claudia, Kata, Liv and Sabriga truly do want you to join their ranks as a ghostwriter and are genuinely willing to help you get there. This was a real plus for me.
Mary P.,
Thank God for this course! The final business lectures were a great reminder that I’ve come a long way and I can hold my head up high when I talk to prospects because I know I have the skills. I CAN deliver a great service that people should pay for.
Marcus Amann, Certified Ghostwriter
I really love the results I’m getting using your system. It’s deeply satisfying to work with it. One client, Cathy, whose project I interviewed and outlined into existence, is awestruck by the process. “I can’t believe how well this is working,” she said. “It’s beyond awesome.”
Lorraine Ash, Certified Ghostwriter
Actually, I’m amazed about all the tiny details you’ve learned in order to master ghostwriting. The supplementary videos with graphics for the course are well thought out, well designed and easy to follow. When it’s recorded, I can go back and listen again if I haven’t grasp something.
Judy Seckler, GPDP Student
I finally finished the last video, one that I thought would be a nice wrap-up…after all, it’s only 10 minutes-ish. Was I ever wrong!

This was so profound in laying out all the student learned in the course, reinforcing the essential mindset transitions that absolutely must happen for successful ghostwriting, starting a business, and the psychology of meeting/closing the deal.

But then there is the whole part about dealing with ineffective rants! Great addition. As I listened, I thought of the latest glitch with XXXX and how you not only handled it, but talked about it.

And the Elliott’s Wave/metaphysics part is not only hopeful, but another mindset transition for those who want to accept it. I kept thinking, “This is what a good mother (could be any parent, but I thought mother) does—reassures, encourages, instills hope along with objectivity.”

Someday I hope we have time over coffee and gnosh for you to tell me the story of how you changed the course I took in 2012 to this deep, thorough, exclusive, and fun version. An amazing accomplishment, Claudia—a perfect reflection of your passion, dedication, and ethics. Lucky me to be the beneficiary of all of it and you!
Sabriga Turgon, Certified Ghostwriter, GPDP T.A.
What a triumphant ending! I love it!

This program is great to the last moment.
Lorraine Ash, Certified Ghostwriter
Watching Claudia do a “live” musical line edit was a revelation. It was then that I understood the difference between a copy edit and the kind of edit a manuscript really needs. It was like watching a plastic-surgeon carve out a beautiful nose rather than simply pop-a-pimple! (sorry, but it’s true!)
Marcus Amann, Certified Ghostwriter
This course was an amazing, enlightening experience. It lets you roll up your sleeves and actually engage in skill-building projects. You learn so much more than ghostwriting a manuscript – you learn how to become a true publishing authority! The unit on Submissions alone was a confidence-booster. The amount of industry knowledge gained from Claudia and her team is phenomenal. This program has forever changed how I view the world. I am now constantly trying to find the gold in everything!

I appreciated the generous advice and honesty, and how the course fully prepares us to hit the ground running on our ghostwriting career.

I was expecting an immersive, hands-on skill building course and the program certainly delivered.
Stephany Tan, Certified Ghostwriter
This program exceeded my expectations in every way. I spent a long time last summer choosing between this and a professional online content program. I am SO HAPPY I chose this one. My close friends comment on how enthusiastic I am about my future career, how confident I am, and how great this is going to be for me.
Donna Mosher, Certified Ghostwriter
I was hoping to walk away with more confidence, but I realize now that the part I don’t yet feel confident about cannot be learned in a class. It will be learned when I start working. Practical application is the name of the game now, and I feel this course gave me the tools to get started. It was literally everything I needed…. The course was challenging but rewarding. Totally worth the investment.
Monique Abioye, Certified Ghostwriter
The practical tools are the gold for me. I’ve already incorporated Manuscript Charts, Nonfiction Templates, and Musical Line Editing into my process with current clients, to name a few. The GPDP isn’t like any course or program I’ve taken before. From week one, Claudia and Co. emphasized utility over theory. In other words, the distance from learning to earning is happily short… I’m blown away by the abundant publishing industry knowledge the GPDP offers.
Joshua Lisec, Certified Ghostwriter
I hope the university realizes what a diamond it has in this life-changing professional designation certificate program. The quality is off the chain.

Claudia Suzanne is the Einstein of ghostwriting—and a master teacher, to boot. This combination is rare.

The curriculum is phenomenal—intense, generous, brilliant, and complete.

And I make both statements after a decades-long career in journalism and books that includes marvelous educational high points, including the hallowed halls of the Ivy League. And if I had to choose among them all, I’d choose this program any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

That it achieves all its ambitious goals is an accomplishment in itself. That it does so in the most real, inspirational, and positive ways possible is yet another.
Lorraine Ash, Certified Ghostwriter
I have barely skimmed your work on my proposal. But I had to stop and immediately say thank you for caring enough to make it SO MUCH BETTER!

I aspire to line edit like you some day. And I’m pretty good at it – so that’s a HIGH ASPIRATION!
Donna Mosher, GPDP student
I don’t know how you do it. I’ve never encountered this level of feedback anywhere. From our perch out here in Studentland, it’s terrific.
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
I am so loving these videos, Claudia. They’re full of personality and information. I’m taking a ton of notes and feel my confidence growing with each one. I’m only in the first series, and already each one makes me think, “My next book contract is going to be SO much easier!”

You were so right to advise viewers to “stick with me” for 1-5 TBOB—it was jam-packed with info and I took 9 pages of notes. I love that you keep saying, “Why do you need to know this? Because you’re becoming an industry insider.” It reinforces the value of the extended 10-month program.

In 1-6, understanding the 2nd type of line editing—the musical edit—was great, and of course I repeatedly thought, “This is why Claudia’s edits in Lisa’s chapters made them sound so much better. Cannot wait to get to this part.”

And I finally get hyphen, en-dash, em-dash!

Gosh, I’m learning so much that I am actually disappointed to have a visit today from a friend I’ve known for 40 years because all I really want to do is to go through more videos.

OH! And this little congruency…a couple of months ago I emailed Lisa Soloway to tell her that when she was ready to market her book (which she’s ‘waaaay to busy to do), I’d find agent names for her. She was appreciative but needed to wait until after tax season. Yesterday I got a bug in my butt and devised a marketing schedule for her that I’m going to propose she pay me $1k/mo retainer to implement through the end of the year (which comes out to ca. 7hr/wk @ $35/hr).

And then I got to the part in the TBOB video talking about publishing, and you threw in a number of comments about how essential marketing is and how it takes a ton of time. Plus you mentioned that your students could also become book marketers/promoters, something I hadn’t considered part of the training. To which I thought, “My timing is great to propose a reasonable fee for Lisa to get her book moving, and for me to learn this marketing part.”

I know I’m gushing, but these videos are just what I need right now for my bottom-scraping confidence level. And one more thing that’s not in the least bit small—I love that you give other people their kudos: “As some of my students have taught me…” “Kata’s so much better at this…” Great, great job. And your adorable personality just shines through!
Sabriga Turgon, Certified Ghostwriter
I completely agree with you that someone who takes this class seriously should devote quite a bit of time to practice, practice, and more practice. Your lessons are so essential, and I value everything I’ve learned from you, especially your quick way to identify editorializing in fiction and nonfiction: “… the author said.” I’ve already applied this to projects for my current clients.

Of all the content certifications I have worked (and am working) on, Certified Ghostwriter means the most to me…. The biggest learning curve for me has been your unique teaching style, which is very new to me—as you say, it’s not necessarily a step by step process or anything that easily fits into a rubric…. I’m very grateful you’ve taken the time to offer more detailed instruction via our video calls and emails…. Every class offers nuggets of wisdom I’m excited to master, which I know my clients will appreciate in the years ahead.
Joshua Lisac, GPDP student
Truth is, this rappelling into prose is one of the three dozen things I love about this program. Who does this? All my life I have longed for a system of editing like this and have never seen anyone anywhere present anything close to this level of detail in instruction. And I have been looking in awesome places. I was even involved with the Nieman narrative conferences at Harvard several years, thinking they would get to this level. While they were fantastic in many ways, they can’t hold a candle to this course.
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
Thanks for another great class today – it’s been fun practicing MLE!
Stephany Tan, GPDP student
First, congrats on the acknowledgment of your work with the first-ever Cal State digital badge. That’s a stupendous and well deserved development. I’m thrilled about it. The program is visionary and, frankly, no less than a benchmark in the history of writing and publishing! I look around me and I see tens of thousands of writers drowning in the decline of the print industry for lack of a vision or treading water in the world of devalued content. And here you are, doing this.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be here!

Also, it seems fitting that line editing falls to ghostwriters since line editors, at least in newspapers and magazines, were always the invisible part of the process of producing polished prose.
Lorraine Ash, GPDP student
I wanted to also say thanks for the feedback on my fiction project. I definitely felt more comfortable in this space, so your response was very validating for me. I think I’m getting the hang of this!

I especially get what you mean regarding GhostWRITING vs GhostEDITING. I struggled with that the entire time I worked on the chapters. At first I was stuck because I worried that my changes would cross the line into authoring. Then I finally decided to dive in, but even then I worried I was going too far with all the cuts and the merging of different chapters.

Now after reviewing your feedback, it sounds like I didn’t go far enough! Lol. But with your notes, I’m confident the second pass will be stronger. I’m eager to get in there and have at it again.

Thanks again for your comments.
Monique Duke, GPDP student
I’m totally loving the class. I’m really mad I’ve been so behind on the homework, but I’m learning a ton. Ghostwriting is hard but actually seems pretty fun too. : ) Thanks!
Jessie Kempf, GCT Graduate
I’ve been telling all my writing friends about this course [Ghostwriter Certification Training]. I’d been ghosting (or trying to) for years. I now see where I went wrong in the past and what to do right for the future. It’s intense, it’s fun, and I’ve learned so much. If you’re going to do anything this year to advance your career, take this course. It’s one rollicking ride.
Roxanne King, GCT Graduate
This class had so much meat in it that the time went very quickly! I actually feel my brain expanding.

It really went further than I had expected. I felt like I got true insight into the processes that make a ghost successful and sets the professional apart from the run-of-the-mill.
Maryan Pelland, GCT Graduate
The class [Ghostwriter Certification Training] was so valuable, I will be hungry for another fix in a few months.
Pam Sheppard, Certified Ghostwriter, Book Rep, Editor
A note for your success files: A book I ghosted is being looked at by HBO, and they may option it for a series or a feature! Your teaching has been invaluable with regard to dealing with clients (among other things) and continues to help me. Not a day goes by that I don’t consult either your book or my notes from class. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
Sonja Struthers, GCT Graduate
Claudia Suzanne is the Queen Bee when it comes to teaching others the business of ghostwriting. If writing books for others is on your to-do list, look no further. This GCT course is a fast and furious ride you don’t want to miss. I loved the banter, side comments, tangents, inside scoops, and everything else that was “so Claudia Suzanne.” I love your ghostwriting rules. And I especially love these new shoes you’ve helped me fill. I will never forget you saying, “You’re not an employee.” It took a few times but, By George, I think I’ve got it. Thank you, Claudia. The course was excellent.
Karen Gordon, GCT Graduate
GCT is an information packed course taught by an expert writer/editor/ghost who has finely tuned teaching skills. The material is not available elsewhere, and this course is not just a marketing tool for a freelance writer who needs revenue streams. Claudia Suzanne offers a masters level class that will move the writer into a lucrative ghosting career or any number of other niches. Be prepared to work your butt off.
Maryan K. Pelland, GCT Graduate
I will definitely recommend it to my writing students, the ones who are able to handle the sexual content in the material. Believe it or not, it would freak out most of my students who are on the Ultra Orthodox side. I for one enjoyed it. A hands-on workshop that offers a total immersion in the craft and business of ghostwriting. Fun, fast-paced, in a setting that gives you practically one-on-one feedback and guidance. A one-of-a-kind workshop, information you can’t get anywhere else. A career-maker.
Ruchama King Feurerman, GCT Graduate, Bestselling Novelist
The only … thing I could suggest would be emphasizing this is a program where the student not only receives certification at the completion, but this is an all-encompassing class, where the student will also have the marketing tools necessary to set-up their business.
Pat Rinker, GCT Graduate
I had no sense of what to expect when I began this class. In a brief conversation I had with you ages ago, you mentioned that many former students claim to have finished this course feeling as if they’d been handed a career. I now wholeheartedly agree. You’ve mentioned that Starbucks is not your ideal teaching setting–I disagree. I love the informal intimacy that the setting allows and with a very large class the one-on-one interaction would be lost. I can’t imagine you in a horrid post-WWII classroom on an overhead projector.
Carolyn Smut-Haas, GCT Graduate