The craft of writing requires continually pushing oneself to evolve intellectually and creatively, while sharpening and refining skills. In support of this personal and professional development, we’ve created a series of thought-provoking action steps intended to keep writers, journalists, editors, and both working and aspiring ghostwriters moving in a positive direction. 

One action step will be posted each month from December 2020 to May 2021. These 6 asynchronous action steps are perfect for:

  • Authors, Freelancers, and Ghostwriters looking to hone your creative analysis skills with Ghostwriting Psych 101 secrets.
  • Ghostwriter Certification Candidates (required): Successfully complete and submit all assignments by June 30, 2021 to be considered for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

Action Steps

Ghostwriter Action Step #1

December 2020

Ghostwriter Action Step #2

January 2021

Ghostwriter Action Step #3

February 2021

Ghostwriter Action Step #4

March 2021

Ghostwriter Action Step #5

April 2021

Ghostwriter Action Step #6

May 2021

Interim Office Hours

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