WCLLC Academic Partner Program

  • The demand for excellent ghostwriters both in America and worldwide is higher than the supply
  • Ghostwriting is the most profitable career path for accomplished writers today
  • GPDP won a UPECA 2018 Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award
  • GPDP is the only course that teaches the specific skills, industry background, mindset, psychology, and business practices of professional (not freelance) ghostwriting

Program Benefits

  • Taught by the world’s foremost ghostwriting expert
  • Real-world results immediately applicable through personal business plan
  • Cutting-edge research, trends, and skills to meet today’s burgeoning demand
  • Inclusive, diverse environment and student body
  • Online instruction structured for working adults
  • Working ghostwriter/ apprentice team-leader teaching assistants
  • Real-world unpublished manuscripts used to complete:
    • A nonfiction and a fiction Analysis & Recommendations (A&R)
    • An industry-standard nonfiction book proposal with three sample chapters plus a nonfiction Bestseller Strategy Plan
    • An industry-standard fiction synopsis with three sample chapters plus a fiction proposal and Bestseller Strategy Plan
  • Max 4:1 student-teacher ratio
  • One-on-one support from teaching staff via phone, Zoom, and email
  • Weekly 90-minute Zoom demo/Q&A sessions recorded and archived for students who cannot attend
  • Substantial personalized feedback
  • Graduates eligible for the optional Wambtac Ghostwriters apprentice program
  • Graduates eligible to join CertifedGhostwriters.com for cooperative marketing, continuing education, and community

Instructors/Team Leaders

Claudia Suzanne

Founder/Primary Instructor

Dubbed the “Einstein of Ghostwriters,” Claudia Suzanne literally wrote the book on the skills, theory, and politics of professional ghostwriting and created the award-winning Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

Eric “Kata” Schuyler

Operations Director and Dean of Students

Passionate about good stories and a tech expert, Kata runs GPDP’s intricate learning environment, teaches the technical aspects of ghostwriting, and handles all student issues and concerns.

Liv Haugland

International Outreach Director

A natural diplomat, teacher, and world traveler, Liv supports international students and authors, troubleshoots author/personnel issues, and provides strategic planning.

Sabriga Turgon

Marketing Director

Former Peace Corp volunteer and minority-rights activist, Sabriga handles marketing, content, and final edits and provides student support and diversity insight.