Why Aren't You Earning What you Deserve as a Ghostwriter?

Why can't you find high-paying clients?

Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram, Reddit, and Tumblr—
and nothing's happening?

Do you scour job sites and apply for every ghostwriting gig that pops up?

Are you crying out, "What am I doing wrong?!"

You're not doing anything wrong. 

You're just not doing everything right.

"I am so proud; I am so happy!"

I just finished my first manuscript as a professional Certified Ghostwriter. This is the most satisfying work I have ever done
I write books for other people—and they pay me!

Donna Mosher, Certified Ghostwriter

"Pure gold!"

I hadn’t realized how much I didn’t yet know about how to take someone’s manuscript and turn it into a marketable literary property while still pleasing the client.

Robin Elvig, Certified Ghostwriter

The Demand for Professional Ghostwriters is Greater than the Supply

The Demand

  • Ghostwriting is and has been the most profitable career choice for writers since the late 2010s
  • 81% of all Americans—that's 283.5 million potential clients—want to write a book 
  • Approximately 50% of the global population—about 4 billion people—also want to share their information or stories 

The Supply

  • Approximately 54,000 people in America call themselves writers
  • 200-250 of them are professional ghostwriters—that's less than .04%
  • Approximately 2.5 million people around the world call themselves writers
  • But still only 300-500 are professional ghostwriters!

"You’ve launched my professional ghostwriting career."

I just started my first ghostwriting gig, with another lined up for April. I wouldn’t be in this position without GPDP. So...thank you for helping me get here! 

James Thole, Certified Ghostwriter

"Thank you!"

Two-and-a-half years after graduation, I'm still marveling how your program covers every...single...possible...scenario that arises.

Lorraine Ash, Certified Ghostwriter

Your Path to Success is
Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP)

Launch your new lucrative, satisfying career with our unique 13-month course
Academically certified by California State University, Long Beach

GPDP is the only place to learn:

Book Industry Knowledge Base

  • Industry expectations and standards
  • Industry supply-chain players, discounts, and prospects
  • Traditional vs. hybrid vs. service vs. self publishing
  • Registrations, ownerships, and scam pitfalls

Ghostwriting Theory

  • Scope and limitations
  • Authority and obligations
  • Business vs. freelancing
  • Nonfiction structure, templates, and story
  • Fiction architecture
  • Market vs. audience vs. Amazon
  • Author communication vs. report

Professional Skills

  • Book proposals
  • Bestseller strategy plans
  • Synopses
  • Query letters
  • Mindset management

Mechanical Skills

  • Basic Writing Conventions
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Algorithm-compliance
  • Nonfiction templates
  • Draft sequences
  • Implementation logs

Creative Skills

  • Open interviewing
  • Creative Analysis, aka Analytical Reasoning
  • Perspective, Motive, Agenda
  • Plot-PMA integration
  • Meet-in-the-Middle plotting
  • Movel to novel conversion
  • Non-mechanical musical line editing

Business Skills

  • Business model
  • Project proposals, aka bids
  • Equitable contracts
  • Business plan
  • Sales funnel
  • Business launch tactics
  • Project management

Creative/Professional Skills

  • BISAC Subject Headings
  • Industry based nonfiction, memoir, and fiction gold and strengths
  • Industry based non-fiction, memoir, and fiction content disruptions and deal breakers
  • Human-nature management

Mechanical/Creative Skills

  • Editorial Accountability
  • Market positioning
  • Tells, Intent, Perspective
  • Nonfiction charting
  • Fiction mapping
  • Chart to chapter manipulation
  • Map to chapter manipulation
  • Musical Line Editing mechanical elements