Professional ghostwriting is more intricate than merely researching a subject, interviewing an author, and writing a manuscript without taking a byline.

This action step is the first in a six-part series that introduces the analytical skills we use to attract premium clients.

Action Step: Find and read 2-3 uncomfortable nonfiction titles and 2-3 uncomfortable novels.

Explanation: “Uncomfortable” refers to a nonfiction subject or fiction genre you would normally never read or want to read—any subject, any genre you dislike or purposely avoid.

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Subject: Interim1

Slug: LM [Fname]/Uncomfortable titles 1 page# RM

Format: Use 1.25” margins on all sides. Apply a Heading to each section. Apply a first-line-indented style to each paragraph. Double space all paragraphs

Parameters: List each title in standard book-industry format TITLE: SUBTITLE, Author (Publisher, year)
(This is NOT standard Chicago Manual of Style format; it is a book- industry exception)


Working & Self- Training Ghosts: Use this exercise to nudge your mindset needle