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In just six weeks, Unit 1 of Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program will expose you to:

  • Ghostwriting theory
  • Manuscript analysis
  • Industry realities
  • Algorithm compliance tactics
  • What it takes to be a top-earning professional ghostwriter

Don’t be fooled by fast-and-easy promises. Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program is the only comprehensive—and academically certified ghostwriter-training course—in the world.

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Secrets to landing high-$$ clients

Strategies for avoiding auto rejections

Realities about Amazon bestsellers

Skills to make more $$ right now

Market Demands for Professional Ghostwriters

… and much, much more

manuscript templates


Welcome to GPDP: Theory
The scope, instructors, and logistics of Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, including what to expect—and what we expect of you.

The End: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The elements necessary to land high-end clients including how to establish and maintain authority and an introduction to the power of Ghostwriting Psych.

Editorial Accountability: Theory, Book-industry Principles
The parameters and importance of editorial accountability for authors, editors, publishers, ghostwriters—and today’s gatekeeping algorithms.

MS Word for Writers (PC and Mac): Mechanical Skill
How to manipulate Microsoft Word to decode, style, and format book-industry manuscripts and documents to comply with today’s gatekeeping algorithms.

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS): Mechanical Skill
The book industry’s default style-guide’s standards and exceptions and how ignoring them reduces a manuscript’s compliance with today’s gatekeeping algorithms.

Basic Writing Conventions: Mechanical Skill
Fundamental writing protocols for verb choice, conjunctions, paragraphing, person, tense, multi-word modifiers, examples/illustrations, and story vs. report.

Creative Analysis: Creative Skill, Ghostwriting Psych
The critical thinking/debate protocol/abstract reasoning/focused ingenuity process for analyzing manuscripts, client relations, and project management.

Action Steps 1-6: Creative Skill, Ghostwriting Psych
Practical-application exercises for applying the Creative Analysis process to uncomfortable and familiar nonfiction, memoir, and fiction titles.

This Business of Books: Theory
A brief book-industry overview including editorial, publishing, & supply-chain players, concept-to-sales sequence, publishing options, and today’s business

The History of Ghostwriting: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The theoretical progression from ancient scriptures to modern ghostwriting, and why ghostwriting has always been an in-demand occupation.

Introduction to Ghostwriting: Theory
The complexity, scope, challenges, limitations, and rules of professional ghostwriting, and how it compares to freelance writing, editing, and ghostwriting.

Mindset Transitions: Theory, Ghostwriting Psych
The mental and psych adjustments to nudge your current perspective and attitudes toward being an elite, specialized expert and book-industry insider.

Interviewing: Professional Skill
The vital differences between conducting journalistic or freelance-writer closed-purpose interviews and professional ghostwriter open-purpose interviews.

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