What is GPDP?

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP) is the only comprehensive, university-certified, online ghostwriter-training course in the world.

2018 Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award

University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) West Region

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP) is the only comprehensive, university-certified, online ghostwriter-training course in the world.

GPDP will teach you what a ghostwriting job is, how to do the job, how to successfully complete the job—and how to use the job to attract new clients.

An intense, 13-month, masters-level online program, GPDP covers every aspect of how to command $35,000 or more per gig while making your clients happy and producing marketable literary properties.

No college degree required. Professional writing and editing experience recommended. All certification candidates must successfully complete Introduction to Ghostwriting before applying for GPDP. All candidates must sign a nondisclosure agreement as part of their application.

Certification candidates learn:

Ghostwriting theory
Ghostwriting vs. the various types and levels of writing, editing, and collaborating; a ghostwriter’s scope, limitations, and responsibilities; ghostwriters as book-industry insiders; why ghostwriters maintain strict confidentiality and invisibility; Ghostwriting Psychology 101; and the five Rules of Ghostwriting.

Industry realities
Good manuscripts vs. marketable literary properties; Chicago Manual of Style exceptions; who does what in the publishing sequence; how to employ the industry supply chain; and market vs. booksellers vs. audience.

Skill sets
How to decode/code manuscripts to industry standards; the 5-step nonfiction/memoir chart-to-chapter process; the 6-step fiction map-to-chapter process; how to identify and maintain author “tells” throughout the creation/editing process; musical line editing; and how to create market-viable submission products.

Creative analysis
The 4-part deliberative process to reveal a manuscript’s “gold,” distinguish deal breakers from content disruptions, uncover character and plot implausibilities, determine author sensibilities, and demonstrate editorial expertise and industry authority.

Unique tools
Proprietary structure tools, character-study tools, musical line editing, and project-bid tools; plus Bestseller Strategy Plans, equitable contracts, and B-State strategic planning.

Mindset transitions
16 distinct “head flips” to move your needle from how you perceive of and present yourself right now to being a high-end professional and a vital member of the book industry.

Business Professionalism
Professional business model, business plans, market positioning, sales funnel, launch preparation, and troubleshooting to command authority as a service-oriented book-industry insider “in a class of your own.”

Successful certification candidates must demonstrate their grasp of all above elements on two projects (nonfiction and fiction).

Instructional video series viewed on your own time with quizzes, progressive assignments, and weekly 90-minute live sessions for demonstration / Q&A. All 100% online!