Stand-Alone Unit 1: Introduction to Ghostwriting (5/2/22 start)

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A 6-week prerequisite for the full GPDP course.

Limit 10 students/session.

This online program is perfect for:

Freelancers: make more money in your independent career with insider secrets of the book industry.

Ghostwriter Certification Candidates (required): successfully complete this class before applying for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

Introduction to Ghostwriting is your gateway to becoming a book-industry insider. Learn about the world in which you want to launch (or expand) a flourishing career.


An easy, professional-level 6-week class, Introduction to Ghostwriting covers everything you need to know about who does what over the course of a book’s life; why some “good” books don’t make it while other, “bad” books do; how to increase a manuscript’s chances in the marketplace—and where you, as an editorial-service provider, fit into that landscape.

Topics include:

Welcome to GPDP
What to expect from this class, what we expect from you, what our “grades” mean, how to get help from us as you go along, and how to work with your fellow students.

The End
What you need to command $35,000+ fees for full-length book manuscripts.

MS Word for Writers (PC and Mac)
How to correctly code manuscripts for 21st-century acceptance and reflow.

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)
The book industry’s style guide standards and exceptions, and how ignoring them reduces a manuscript’s credibility in the marketplace. All assignments must conform to industry-standards (CMS rules
and MS Word templates).

This Business of Books
A brief overview of the book industry from an insider’s perspective, and how not knowing the difference between market, booksellers, and audience can hurt a title’s sales.

The History of Ghostwriting (and Editing)
A quick look at how publishing-company editors evolved into 21st-century ghostwriters.

Introduction to Ghostwriting
The scope, responsibilities, and earning potential of freelance or work-for-hire writers, collaborators, and editors vs. today’s professional ghostwriters.

Mindset Transitions
The “headflips,” or mindset transitions to help you change how you think about and present yourself right now, to how you will perceive and present yourself at the end of the full GPDP.

Mindset transition #1: how to interview like a professional ghostwriter rather than a journalist or freelance writer.