Introduction to Ghostwriting

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Introduction to Ghostwriting

The Unit 1 prerequisite for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

Perfect for authors, editors, self-publishers, and freelance ghostwriters who want to make more money

  • Expand your Mechanical, Creative, and Business skills 
  • Learn book-industry insider secrets
  • Find out if professional book ghostwriting is right for you

Required for Ghostwriter Certification Candidates

Can be taken independently any time between July and January. Scheduled, interactive sessions available in Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, and May-Jun.

Independent study: $495.

Interactive sessions: $575.

Introduction to Ghostwriting: the gateway to your lucrative new career.

Don’t be fooled by the name. “Introduction to Ghostwriting” is not just the Unit 1 prerequisite for the only comprehensive ghostwriter training program in existence.

It’s also jam-packed with essential Theory, Mechanical Skills, Creative Skills, Book-Industry Principles, Business Skills, and Ghostwriting Psych insights that any

  • Aspiring author
  • Editor
  • Self-publisher
  • Traditionally published author

needs to put the power of knowledge behind their writing, their career, or their title.


  • What it takes to land high-end author clients
  • How to “see” what other writers & editors don’t
  • The difference between bestsellers & top-selling titles
  • Who does what over the course of a book’s life
  • Where you fit into the book-business landscape
  • …and a great deal more