Aug. 15, 2020
Battling the Depression Demon, And Winning
Any time one’s out of work, sadness—even depression—can set in. And since COVID? The Pew Research Center did a survey in mid-March, when we were still early in the pandemic and hadn’t yet suffered its many economic or emotional hits. Pew found that nearly one-third of those suffering from psychological…
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Jul. 17, 2020
Gain Ghostwriting Recognition via a Cost-Effective Media Outlet
Say “marketing” to many small business owner and they’ll say, “I don’t have an advertising budget.” But every business should have a marketing budget. More importantly, they should understand that marketing and advertising are not synonyms; ads are just one form of marketing. One truly cost-effective outlet for marketing your…
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Jul. 3, 2020
An Eye That Landed on the Ghostwriting Prize
“I was originally a business copywriter,” says Derek Lewis, Certified Ghostwriter, “and I came across an online ad for somebody who wanted a business book written. And I said, ‘Oh, well, that can’t be that much harder.’ Poor naïve little me.”  We’re not in Kansas anymore Ghostwriting and regular journalism,…
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Jun. 9, 2020
Not Your Father’s Ghostwriting
A lot of people still think “Ghostwriting is when someone writes a book for the author.” That’s a rather misleading and old-school definition. When the print world imploded in 2009, ghostwriting was compelled to expand its parameters to help fill in the gap left in traditional publishing houses. Ergo, while there are…
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May. 13, 2020
A Different COVID
Who would ever have imagined we’d all become familiar with terms like coronavirus and its acronym: COVID? And who would ever have guessed that a GOOD acronym could come from it: How do I grab a dream? Many people dream of writing, especially in these days of hours alone and…
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May. 7, 2020
Interview with a Ghostwriting Graduate
“I was always interested in books and had aspirations in that area.”  So says Lorraine Ash, a Ghostwriting graduate, who admits that before she actually got into writing books, she already had a writing career. “More than 20 years ago”, she says, “I was a long-form journalism writer, a narrative…
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Feb. 4, 2020
Why Take Intro to Ghostwriting
Our Introduction to Ghostwriting class is crucial for learning the book-industry world, whether you want to launch or expand your ghostwriting career! Learn why some "good" books don't make it while other, "bad" books do, and how to increase a manuscript's chances in a competitive marketplace.
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