The award-winning Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program is designed specifically for you, 100% Online!

Perfect for:
  • Aspiring ghostwriters who want to apply for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program
  • Working ghostwriters who want to up their game and increase their income
  • Authors, writers and freelancers who want to make more money using book-industry-insider secrets

What is Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program?

Award Winning
2018 Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) West Region
How to do it all
Learn to understand the job, do the job, command respect (and $$) for your expertise, and find/attract lucrative referrals.
Only 13 months
Small online classes, multiple instructors, personalized feedback, individual help whenever you need it.

How does the GPDP work?

What you'll learn
Theory. Skill sets. Unique tools. Mindset transitions. Ghostwriting psychology. Business aspects.
Video quizzes. Weekly assignments. Two (nonfiction and fiction) full-term projects. Series of mindset transitions.
How you'll learn
Online, asynchronous, progressive video series.
Live sessions
Weekly 90-minute Q&A/demonstrations that you participate in from home.

Who has it worked for?

I truly have learned a lot from your Introduction. As you know, these teachings are absolutely crucial to someone involved in any aspect of book publishing. On a personal note, thank you for validating me as a human being every step of the way. Your demeanor, the sailor-esque portions of your vocabulary, and some of your stated opinions about life in general, are relatable and hilarious. Thank you for the opportunity to take your introductory class!
Bessie S., Intro Student
Thank God for this course! The final business lectures were a great reminder that I’ve come a long way and I can hold my head up high when I talk to prospects because I know I have the skills. I CAN deliver a great service that people should pay for.
Marcus A., Certified Ghostwriter


Stand-Alone Unit 1: Introduction to Ghostwriting (via coassemble)
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An online version of the Introduction to Ghostwriting class.

Ignore the start and end dates above—you can start anytime and finish on your own schedule.

Includes Creative Analysis, the professional ghostwriter’s secret ace-in-the-hole.

Perfect for:

Freelancers: make more money in your independent career with insider secrets of the book industry.

Ghostwriter Certification Candidates (required): successfully complete this class before applying for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

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Full Aug-July GPDP, Units 2-6
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Registration opens July 1, 2022—limit 15 students

Full online course starts August 17th, 2022

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program is the world’s first and still premier comprehensive ghostwriter training course.
• Instructional videos: 60 (20 hours)
• Live coaching/demo/Q&A: 43 weeks (64.5 hours)
• Independent action steps required: 2-8 hours/week

Prerequisites: Introduction to Ghostwriting (6-week class) and Ghostwriting Action Steps.

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Ghostwriting Growth and Development Action Steps
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A prerequisite for the full GPDP course. These 6 asynchronous action steps are perfect for:

Authors, Freelancers, and Ghostwriters looking to hone your creative analysis skills with Ghostwriting Psych 101 secrets.

Ghostwriter Certification Candidates (required): Successfully complete and submit all assignments by June 30, 2022 to be considered for Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.

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